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Your hero Wayne Bennett

What was it when I said “I lost a lot of interest many years ago when Wayne Bennett (for whom I have the greatest admiration) defended a particular miscreant by arguing that he wasn’t a role model.” that wasn’t clear?

Ahh yes “have” instead of “had” for Bennett.

My apology for your mistype. My statement re "Vociferous People’ was not aimed directly at you, several fall into that category.

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Mathew Lodge is a thug who got on the piss and terrorised an innocent couple and their 9yo in their own home in Brooklyn. He was convicted of assault and ordered to pay 1.6 million dollars in damages to these people he’s terrorised. He hasn’t paid one cent or even apologised to them. Yet the Brisbane Thugby Leauge team (and Wayne Bennet) and the NRL think that it’s OK that he carries on BAU. A disgrace

My lack of interest in football codes generally comes from a combination of my absence from Aus when they are played, and something akin to a complete ban on receipt of transmission in our household, in favour of countless reruns of NCIS/

I have less than a passing interest in the NRL because of countless numbers of these sorts of incidents over the years, They forget we pay them.

What were they thinking , that like the others they would only get a fine Recent ball tampering
Mike Atherton Fined $A3,700. 1994 No Suspension.
Pakistan 2006 found to be tampering with the ball , Walked off and forfeited the game. no suspensions or fined
2010 Shahid Afridi was banned from two Twenty20 internationals after Biting the ball
2013 Faf du Plessis pleaded guilty to the charge of ball tampering and was fined 50 per cent of his match fee.using a zipper on his pants no suspension.
2014 Philander dug his nails into the rough side of the ball. He accepted the charge and was fined 75 per cent of his match fee. No suspension
2016 South Africa enjoyed a crushing win over Australia in Hobart, after which footage emerged of du Plessis using a mint to help shine the ball.

The ICC vowed to investigate and du Plessis was charged with ball tampering. No Fee no suspension.

Tolly, as the parent of two junior cricketers I dont give 3/5 of 5/8 of fuck all of a knob of goatshit what penalties other countries gave their ball tampering players.

These three arse clowns have done more damage to grass roots, country, womens and junior cricket around Australia than you could imagine. The pitiful amount of $$$$ that gets filtered down to these levels is going to almost dry up with the loss of 100’s of millions from the tv rights currently being negotiated and the sponsors that have started to drop off.

I could care less for the personal losses these players have and will lose, it is an absolute pittance compared to the areas mentioned above.

The damage that they have done to CA’s reputation is immeasurable. CA also have to shoulder some of that blame, if they had pulled certain players into line over the previous years they may not have found themselves in this position.

Hopefully what this will do is herald a new level of accountabilty that will reverberate around the world, the benchmark has now been set by CA , regardless of what the ICC sets. Any country who finds themselves in a similar situation in the future will find themselves judged against these penalties, and will be shown for the hypocrites that they are if they dont act in a similar manner.

Don’t get me wrong I was just answering the Question, I think they should have been given 1/2 the penalty they got for ball tampering and the outer Half for stupidity. They are right up there with Chappell and I have no time for any of them.
There are cheats in every level of every international sport but I like to believe that here in Australia we were brought up, and we bring our kids up, to play their best, win lose or draw. and to cheat is far worse than coming last.

Just saw this morning on Sports Sunday (9) that the ICC gave Smith a 1 test ban and fined him full match payments,
Cameron Bancroft got three demerit points and 75% of his match payments .
No punishment for Warner.
As far as the ICC is concerned Bancroft and Warner would be clear to play the next test.

The ICC nowadays just seems to be a sub branch of the BCCI, and as such dont want to hand out too harsh a penalty in case an Indian player ends up before them.

The reason the top two got such harsh penalties, in comparison to the past, is because they were the two main people fighting the offer, and mostly succeeding, that Cricket Australia was making in regards to lower payments for the State and lower grade players and a cut in the monies diverted to junior, female, and upcoming players. The current bullshit that CA is sprouting is that they were fighting for more money for themselves.
If it were not for the actions of Smith and Warner the womens teams would not have received the increase that they got, pitiful and all that it is.
So contrary to what you may believe MB, those two blokes are in a large part responsible for the fact that the juniors are getting the funds that they do. Take a look at the change in structure of CA, and the high priced mates that Sutherland has installed in positions that never existed before he took the reins, and you will see where a hell of a lot of the money that should be going down the line is actually going to.
This part payback has been in the pipeline waiting for the opportunity from the minute they opposed the CA offer last year, and as I have already said, there is more to this than appears at the moment.

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and as I have already said, there is more to this than appears at the moment.

So here’s my conspiracy theory:

  1. CA act swiftly and firmly to be seen to do the right thing.
    2)Public opinion is right behind them for the first time in ages.
  2. In the cold hard light of day, perhaps CA have been a bit too hasty so they remind the miscreants that there’s always an appeal.
  3. Appeal ratchets back the punishment to allow them to play at state level (and therefore Indian League), which means they can indeed play for Aus in twelve months, not the two years it would otherwise take.
  4. Sponsors come back in droves, because the Aus team hasn’t won in a while and now there is hope.
  5. Justin Langer becomes coach and the team becomes a model of modern dignity and sportsmanship.

Watch this space!

are you expecting dignity and respect from professional sports people mid career? laughable. most sports people live in a bubble since childhood, constantly told they are the best and lauded by all. Why be surprised that they cheat to maintain their edge. Some of the best highest paid sports people EVER cheated, lied and treated their peers/betters/superiors/support crews/parents/ Et Al WORSE than they would a P.O.W. Eg Jordan, anyone from the cycling world, Warney!, Woods… the list is endless. Even the Chappells with the underarm incident; yes yes… it was within the rules but not in the “spirit of the game”. Win at all costs; fuck 'em.

Its a bit like movie and rock stars - back in the day they were on salary, now they get mega bucks so think they are the shit and everyone should “JUST LOOOOOOOKKK AAAATTTTT MEEEEE!!!” eg Bono, Miley Cyrus, any fucking rapper and Chevy Chase come to mind. Even that teenage twat who played Hermonie Grainger from Harry Fucking Potter thinks she can address the UN and have something valid to say!!! Fuck me; a teenager waving a stick that thinks she can do magic has the life experience or expertise to dictate to the august body of world diplomats?

And you think these cricketers who’s life ambition is to wear a green cow pat on thier head then appear in Wheet Bix commericals and or be commentators on 9 deserve respect and a second go? They need to understand that at the end of their careers NO on is gunna dip their hat to them or get out of their corporate way! If they dont invest themselves in other mechanisms such as education or BE AN OUTSTANDING 0.1% of 0.1% of their chosen profession they are gunna end up shovelling shit or driving a fork lift.

Now now dont get your panties in a twist; everyone needs a second or third go but if you are in the limelight - especially if you put yourself there yourself needs to understand it is or rather should be one strike and your out. Especially in professional sport where you are a “role model” for the proletariat masses and their offspring. Remember Kim Hughes? all he did wrong was lose and cry! whats he doing now?

At the end of the day great sports people are just pushing a ball around or whatever it is that makes them sweat, if they truly want to be great then they should extend their post sport career into something worldwide worthwhile. May I suggest nuclear fusion or something? A great example is Arnold Schwarzenegger; probably a cunt, who knows… but post sport he was a successful TV star AND politician who managed the 6th biggest economy in the world. Pick your own example - Arnie was just off the top of my head.

<< RANT OFF >> :)

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