It rained this morning and the paddocks are looking grateful, stopped about 1100 so got the tractor out and started moving a few tonnes of sand around, went in for lunch then came out, greased the FEL and fueled the bastard up, headed out into the arena and the skies let forth, I copped a minor soaking while I sped (about 15kph) back to the shed with the orange wheelbarrow.
Todays work is finished I fear but certainly not complaining about the rain.
This was done a few days ago which shows the arena in progress and generally how dry and dead everything is around us, a most unusual year.
The white stuff is fine gravel and the mounds are packing sand which I am putting over the gravel before the finer sand goes in, it is costing me a bomb, up to about $10k so far with the final sand yet to go which will probably more than double that figure.

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That’s a big pen. Nice job

Those brown lumps are horseshit, moved two piles of sand.
It appears uneven but the gravel is heaviest in the depressions and the whole arena is now fairly level.
The whole area was sprayed with roundup to kill any grass under the gravel and sand.
It is a prick of a job and I wouldn’t want to do it for a living, two hours on a tractor and I am losing interest and getting a sore arse.

@bitingmidge Hasn’t your misses got one.

@tolovar Hmmm… good point!

It’s how she must feel right now actually, Three days since surgery for me with a 1kg lift limit I am even more useless than usual!

@bitingmidge said in Rain:

Three days since surgery for me

On what?

Are we talking about drones or sore arses?

@cliff-rogers hernias - for the technically minded one recurrent inguinal, one brand spanking new femoral on the same side… full open surgery jobby. Speaking of ball tampering, it feels like someone has slipped their hands down the front of my undies and scratched my undercarriage with a wire brush, which is a bit like what happened only it wasn’t inside my undies, and the slot she cut was big enough to get both her arms in up to the elbows. It’s arguably not as bad as last time though (ten years ago) 'cause last time I got a coughing kind of flu the first night out of hospital and spent two days in tears, hugging a pillow!

@bunyip said in Rain:

Are we talking about drones or sore arses?

Thankfully that bit escaped damage!

Been carrying an Inguinal for quite some years now, SWMBO says she is very grateful for the blood restriction part of the problem as things are quite large enough the way things are thank you. :)

Bloke I know had one a couple of years ago, after the surgery he looked like he had a basketball in his jocks.

@bunyip said in Rain:

Bloke I know had one a couple of years ago, after the surgery he looked like he had a basketball in his jocks.

Given the colour and size of everything down there, one could be forgiven for thinking I had a basketballer in mine!
Yep - part of the process is to inflate the stomach cavity, so it’ll be a day or two till I can even fit into my jocks. Judging by the magical overnight weight gain, there were four litres of fluid kicking round in there somewhere too. Happy Days.

As with last time, there was no immediate danger but hernias can turn nasty quite quickly and one doesn’t want to be on an aeroplane ten hours from landing when they do. One also has to consider whether one’s travel insurance considers this to be an insurable pre-existing condition (they don’t).

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