Off again.

Posting from the reef lounge at Cairns Airport, Portugal via Osaka. We leave in an hour, over night In Osaka & then fly KLM to Lisbon via Amsterdam. Come back the same way but only a day time stop in Osaka. Will be gone for almost 3 weeks, photos will be on FB.

Wave the iPad!

Have a great trip!


Yeah, piss off.

Osaka, at the Kansai Airport Washington Hotel now.

. . .

Mate of mine went to Osaka, he thought it was where the big airshow was, silly bastard.
Have a good trip.
We were thinking of going to poverty rock later this year but losing interest and thinking of having a look at some regions in India instead.

If you go to India, can you call in on those Kunitz that keep ringing my poor silly old Mum & telling her that they need to log in to her computer to fix it. 🤔

Have fun, don’t go window shopping in Amsterdam.

But you can get a lot of souvenirs to bring home if you do…

@bunyip said in Off again.:

But you can get a lot of souvenirs to bring home if you do…

He’s already going black at the extremities…

My Father said when he was in the army in Africa his privates were black…

Didn’t get out of the airport in Amsterdam. Bloody long Friday, got up at 6:30 am in Osaka & went to bed at 12:30 am in Lisbon the next day, at 26 hour day.

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