Victoria Beer (Mexico)

A place we visit on the odd occasion had this on offer, I declined a slab and bought a 330ml stubbie, great move.
Bottle is brown and looks like a corona bottle, contents are darker than most lagers and had no head retention, no nose and first taste almost had me gagging.
This has to be one of the vilest concoctions that has ever been bottled and passed of as fit for human consumption, the sales person said this was much better than corona, well, I think corona resembles fermented cats piss but in comparison to this it is like a trappist beer.
The bulk went down the sink and it has left an indelible stain on my memory never to touch this crap ever again, in fact if I were dying of thirst I think death would be the preferable option.

Tell us how you really feel!

I’m amazed at how some brews, both commercial & boutique, ever manage to find their way to the market. There must be some people who will drink anything if it’s new or advertised hard enough.

If you get a chance, try Sol & see what you think, I reckon it is better than Corona & cheaper.

Sol is pleasant on a hot day and there is another one but the name escapes me, from somewhere in South America but not Mexico.
I do like Negro Modella but it can be hard to find, a Mexican dark ale/lager, can’t remember which.

Back in my Army days there was the usual brewers strikes and our canteen managed to get hold of some New Zealand “Panther” beer. I’ve never seen it since then and one can only hope that it died the death that it deserved.

We used to get West End and Southalk (Adelaide for vomit) when CUB pulled the pin at Xmas and Easter, I think they are still out there.
Since people discovered imported beers the strikes pretty much stopped.

Until you have had EMU Bitter " green death" you haven’t had a bad beer.

You’re not tasting it properly, Tolly. It’s better coming up than it is going down.

Mate I rekon they didn’t even pluck the feathers off the Emus when they made the crap

Emu Export is by far the worst I have ever had. Convinced they just collect emu piss and bottle it.

how does one go about getting a job as an emu piss collector?
Asking for a friend.

You have to be able to ‘Take The Piss’. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Piss off!

@madbugger said in Victoria Beer (Mexico):

Emu Export is by far the worst I have ever had. Convinced they just collect emu piss and bottle it.

No way emu export was in the white tin, it was just shit beer, the Bitter was in the green tin and it was more like the export after it was mixed with mashed emu’s still full bowels’ .

@tolovar said in Victoria Beer (Mexico):

like the export after it was mixed with mashed emu’s still full bowels’

How did you come by this knowledge? :open_mouth:

If you had ever been ashore in Port Hedland tasted an emu export. thought that is absolute shit beer i’ll try the other one their selling the emu bitter, upon tasting it you realize the only answer for the taste is that they had taken the worst tasting beer they could find and " mixed with mashed emu’s still full bowels’ ."

The only logical answer.


I grew up drinking Emu Export/Bitter. I didn’t know any better as that was what was available.

I haven’t had one since '91 or there abouts. No interest in having another.

It was probably in the late '80s when some alternatives started coming on to the market. I’m not sure what market share Swan Brewery has now but it would be a fraction of what it once was. Under Alan Bond they tried to get into the eastern states market with Swan Premium. CUB then came into the WA market, as did a bunch of others.

I will say tho, that West End is worse than EE/EB. Can’t say XXXX does much for me either.

@tolovar said in Victoria Beer (Mexico):

" mixed with mashed emu’s still full bowels’ ."

But how do you know this?

Reschs in NSW was pretty bad, Boags Tas was nothing exceptional, VB Original was re released a few years ago and was not bad but didn’t last long, was close to a euro style lager, Hahn Ice was an abomination.
Never got into the WA brews.
We now have a local micro brewery, Howlers, they do some nice drops especially the brown ales but they serve them ice cold which kills them, wait about 20 minutes before drinking and they are ok.


@bunyip said in Victoria Beer (Mexico):

                Reschs in NSW was pretty bad

AKA Wrecker’s rubbish.

Does anyone remember that SA gnat’s piss Big Barrel?

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