Large heavy duty lazy Susan

I have a aquaponic system plus extras. Another idea I’am playing with is using a blue 200 litre drum cutting slots all around and growing strawberries in.
The drum would be heavy, with potting mix, sheep poo etc and a 20+ litre water sump in the bottom, but I would like the drum to be turnable so all plants got sun each day.
It will be on gravel back yard so a heavy duty stand is in order but would a lazy susan work.

This may do the job. 12" dia., 450kg load rating.

My old man did one with a wine barrel in the 60’s, drilled 2 1/2 " holes and the pit boilermaker made him a turntable , don’t remember what it was made of but it worked . He also put a length of 6" steel gal pipe down the center with about 3/8" holes to be able to water all the plants.
Water didnt get to all the plants, I rekon 5 bits of 2" pvc with small holes evenly spaced would be much better but wrapped in a mesh first to stop roots getting in. the bigger problems though were it didn’t get turned through the day and plants that got little sun died quickly. the holes being on a flat vertical surface ( well not quite flat on the wine barrel ) have nothing to grip on to as the plants generally grow on the horizontal with leaves laying flat to get the sun.

All in all a fail, but as it was made at the pit he worked at and old man tyrrell gave him the barrel so all he lost was the plants, he gave it away to one of his sister in laws , ( the best one ) and she tried many and varied plants with limited success .

Just a thought but if you get a 2ltr plastic bottle cut a slot about the size you are going to do on the drum in one side fill with dirt etc and try to grow a strawberry in it first.

The slots in drum are made with angle grinder then using heat gun a water filled glass wine bottle is rammed into the slot, pushing the top part in and the bottom part out, thus creating a pocket. The drum has a plastic milk crate upturned and covered in geo cloth in its base (this creates a water reservoir,) with a small pump pushing water up through a pipe and spread over the top of growing media.

Looks like you have it covered, would be great to see progress pictures as it looks like the way to go and wouldn’t mind having a shot myself … as time permits , something I have limited amounts of at the moment.

will keep you informed.
Have been on the metalworkforum :couplekiss: and got couple of good ideas

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