What did I miss?

Same old same old.
Software development, boring job but at least I get paid.
Raising 3 amazing daughters
Renovating a bathroom and laundry

I was just thinking about you the other day wondering what’d happened to you.

'Bout time you showed up again :)

Thanks Craig. I’ve been very well. Hows going?

All good Scott. I am retired after all :)

Guess Jasmine is at uni now - what’s she doing?

Not yet she is in year 11. Last year she wanted to do medicine but this year she is not completely sure. We will see.

Mr. Wong! Mr. Wong!

@cliff-rogers said in What did I miss?:

Mr. Wong! Mr. Wong!

What kind were they?

You watch too much TV.

Hola Wongo. Long time indeed. Baaaa

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Is Wongo back?



@wongo said in What did I miss?:

I am here. How are you dog?

Not doing too badly. You?

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