More bastards

We went out Thursday and purchased a new car for Rosemary, I paid a $500 deposit with my credit card, we also wanted a new vacuum cleaner and saw that Harvey Norman had a $100 cashback on the Dyson V10 pet.
I knew I was getting close to the limit and used the card, after all if it was over it would decline, it didn’t.
When we got home I found we were about $25 over our limit so I immediately paid $1k to set it right but the bastards didn’t process it until today, not yesterday when it would have been there like they usually do.
Now the bastards have gouged me for $30 and I am a little pissed off to say the least especially as I called the company yesterday and was told that with my record there would probably be no fee.
My response to their bloody notification.

I thank you for this notification but obviously this automatically generated email does not take into account that I had already paid this amount which I advised somebody of on 1/6/18.
The state of the art software allows you to generate profits for the bank but not let me know how close I was to the limit or even decline a transaction, funds were readily available in another account which I am sure you must realise if you take the time to see my payment history, it would not have caused me any embarrassment (a line frequently used to generate income) or hardship, an impulse buy caused us to exceed a limit by a relatively trivial amount, in fact when I spoke to someone yesterday it was suggested that this may be reversed depending upon my history.
To date I have always paid on time and have never defaulted, I find it difficult to keep track to the nearest dollar when out and about and I also advised that the overlimit amount was paid by Bpay on Thursday 31/5/18 when I realised that I had gone over, however, it appears that the software prioritises debits before credits and the nanosecond default time warrants a $30 ‘fee’ (oh, how I wish I could earn $30 per nanosecond which equates to $18,00,000,000,000:00 per hour).
Please consider this legalised gouging of funds for an error that your software actively encourages rather than applying a refusal at the point of sale, trust me, for $30 I would not be embarrassed.

Ring the Banking ombudsman , it costs the bastards every time there is a complaint.

WARNING: Long Rant

When I got my multi-currency cards for overseas travel a few years ago they gave me two - a good idea, as at some point one wouldn’t work, and I was able to use the other one. To obtain a replacement, I simply rang them, went through the ID process and they sent a new one to me. Now, the other original has expired, as I discovered when checking before travelling next week. No problems, thinks I, I’ll just ring them and they’ll send a replacement. Not so. I am told by their call centre, in heavily accented English, that I have to buy two new cards, then transfer my existing credit to them, then cancel the remaining card. A pain in the arse, but doable. As I’d be cutting it fine for them to send the new cards I rang their phone help line - several times, with a 3 minute wait while it goes through the full fecking menu before you speak to anyone, and am told that yes, I can go to any bank which will issue new cards.
I go to a couple of my nearby banks and am told that no, I can’t do this. What the banks can do is issue their own cards…but I have to have an account with the bank. While the last thing I want to do is open another account with any bank, this is starting to seem like an option, particularly as it will give me the opportunity to transfer all the funds on the cards and tell the current card provider to shove their cards where the sun doesn’t shine. I return home and ring what is jokingly called the card provider’s help line. As I am explaining that what I had been told the day before was incorrect, maintaining with difficulty a calm demeanour, the operator disconnected.
I mentioned that I want nothing to do with a bank. For more than 30 years I have had my accounts with a credit union. Well, it was a credit union. Earlier this year it merged (read was taken over) by a bank. A small bank that no one has ever heard of, in another state. A quick look at their web site showed that they could issue these cards; perhaps things are looking up. However, their web site doesn’t show the location or phone numbers of their offices. Back in the credit union days, I would have rung the nearest office, spoken to the one of the girls there - I knew them by name - and all would have been sorted. Now that office has been closed. No worries, I’ll ring the general enquiry number and they’ll tell me the nearest one.
Sorry, not so simple. The enquiry number (all our operators are busy, we value your custom, please wait - for nearly 10 minutes) happily started to tell me where the nearest offices were. The first is about 100 miles away, the second is about 500 miles away. it is clear that this bloke has no idea of the geography of NSW. However, there are two more branches, more or less equidistant from me. “Great, can you give me their addresses please?” “Sorry, I don’t know their addresses, and I only have mobile phone numbers for them so I can’t give you those.” This bank is starting to sound less substantial than I feel confident with. However, the operator does offer to connect me with the most convenient one. The call rings out. I ring the enquiry number again, go through the “your call is important…” nonsense again, and eventually get through to the same operator. This time he promises to stay on the line until they answer. They don’t, so he promises to email them and get them to ring me.
By now, I have pretty well decided to close my account with this bank, move everything to the credit union that my wife has accounts with and get cards from them. The only problem may be doing it in the time frame available, which is rapidly diminishing due to people who value my custom. I am diverted from this by a call from the less convenient branch. Yes, they can do it. “What time will I be there?” I have no idea - it will depend on public transport. However, I will definitely be there before 3 p.m.
I get there at 2 p.m., an hour by public transport. See the lady I’d spoken to earlier. “Sorry sir, can you come back in about half an hour, the man who knows how to do this is at lunch.” At 2.30, the man has returned, and we go through the process of getting the cards. The “man who knows” doesn’t do the work, he leans over the shoulder of the lady who is doing it for the first time. He answers her questions. At the same time, he is doing the same thing with another lady, who is also doing something that she doesn’t know how to do. It seems tat the “man who knows” doesn’t know much, either. the other lady frequently interrupts my lady to ask her questions.
Eventually, the process is almost completed. The cards are there. They have printed my transaction report (of the transfer from my bank account to the card account). They are about to give me the cards when the"man who knows" tells the woman that she needs to print a copy of this report for their records. Their computer system goes down. They won’t give me the cards until they’ve printed the report. Can’t use the photocopier in the corner.
Finally, I have the cards. I go home, activate them and transfer some money from my old card account to the new account. It seems to have worked. Tomorrow, I shall try the new cards in an ATM. When I return from overseas, I shall withdraw every fecking cent in every fecking account and put it all in a bag that I shall hide under my fecking pillow!

Aah, sorry about the length of this rant, but I do feel much better.


We have a largish credit limit (almost $30k) on our Aus cards. Last year, we ran over that limit accidentally, and had no idea until a LETTER arrived asking us if we’d mind doing something about it. No charges, no nothing.

Earlier this year, not overdrawn but due for payment with a lesser but still reasonable amount owing, (we pay out the total amount owing every month) we were six hours late (woke up the day after payment was due and immediately transferred the balance). - $200 thanks very much!

Now all of that is fair game, it hursts, but we know the rules and we broke them…I feel sorry for the poor buggers who are constantly maxed out and don’t understand that though.

A banker is a person who will lend you an umbrella on a day when it is not raining…

@bitingmidge said in More bastards:
…I feel sorry for the poor buggers who are constantly maxed out and don’t understand that though.

This is the first time I have maxed out and I wasn’t concerned as it was not due until 18th June, I had already paid $1k and another $1k when I saw what I had done, I am more than a little pissed off that the transaction was not refused as I could have used one of my bank accounts.
I chose not to because the bank account pays interest on my daily balance at a blistering 2.3% and the brownie points on my credit card get me a bonus gift card every quarter.
I have had this card for about 18 months and always paid on time and generally only use about half its limit but I paid some unwelcome bills such as rates, a couple of insurance policies, a new welder plus the bloody surgeon who put Rosemary back together, it is easy to lose track of exactly what you have spent despite making a few deposits to cover your arse.
Maybe it is pay back as I have never paid any interest.

Email in today:

Dear Iain,

Thank you for your recent enquiry regarding the charges on your Woolworths Money Credit Card.

We have reviewed your request and have credited your account with $30 as a goodwill refund of the over limit fee. This will appear on your next credit card statement.

This fee is charged when your outstanding balance has exceeded your credit limit.

If you have any further queries regarding your account, please do not hesitate to contact us by return email or by calling our Customer Service Centre on 1300 10 1234 to speak to one of our credit card specialists.

Yours sincerely,

The Woolworths Team

Some of the merciless bastards have to front court in early July.

@termite said in More bastards:

Some of the merciless bastards have to front court in early July.

Oh sad, never mind.

What is sad is that any fiscal penalty they receive will be recovered with interest from the customers, fortunately my bank (Suncorp) is not amongst them as far as I am aware.

They have been warned against doing that.

Which I am sure they will find a way around such as a poofteenth of a percent of term deposits etc etc.

@termite said in More bastards:

Some of the merciless bastards have to front court in early July.

Oh sad, never mind.

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