Wood splitters - any ideas

We just had about 1/4 of the E. Nitens felled and removed for firewood. Got a significant lot of smaller rubbish left to clear, salvage firewood and burn… plus the remaining 3/4. We are looking at buying a splitter. Wood King 22 ton seems near enough - cycle quite quick and it looks like it will handle 300/400mm rounds. Also badged as Dirty Hand (US). 27 ton is slow. 35 ton seems excessive and quite a lot more $$$. Any views? Hope you guys are all A-OK, glossy coats etc…[link text](

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you can have my wife…her tongue will split anything.

You sure she is OK with the idea of living under a tarp, down in the trees… neglected for days/weeks at a time. Thank you, indeed, for the offer Sire.

Got a Scheppach 8 ton electric, it works on most Eucs for us but we cut it 12" long for our small heater, if it’s knotty it struggles so we resort to the mallet and wood grenade.

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