Back from the silo art trip

I have always been suspicious of ‘good plain country cooking’.
Melbourne as arule is good but questionable once you move out a bit, I am also very wary of reccomendations especially after the old mans cleaner telling us that ‘hogs breath’ was the best steak you could get in Australia, trust me it is a loooooong way from the top.

I think that the franchised fast food places & the ‘Hot Box’ at the Road House buggered it up for the good old Pub & Cafe Meals.


When we went to Tasmania we just asked Google where to eat near me and looked at the reviews. The only time we didn’t do that we ended up having a crap cup of tea.

As much as I dislike Maccas I find the breakfast isn’t too bad, the coffee is crap so I settle for the barely palatable orange juice (watered down concentrate which they often get wrong).
Never take anything from the ‘hot box’ limp chips, concrete pies, mushy or rubber hamburgers but there is the odd roadhouse that does it right.
There is one on the edge of Mt Gambier that does jaffles, anything you want and they are not bad, Shell servo in Colac that does fresh sangers and a hamburger joint on the edge of Lightning Ridge that does a chilli burger that makes your eyes water… twice, their home made chilli sauce is lethal and will make you think you are shitting red hot scoria the next day.
Venuto club in Bulleen does a porterhouse with vincotto and salted ricotta that is worth travelling two hours for, Baxter Tavern in Baxter does a wood fired seafood pizza drizzled with fresh garlic that is one of the best I have had.
The list goes on but the most memorable are always the bad ones.
I made Vichyssoise last night laced with cumin to give it a bit of a lift and served with toasted turkish bread, great on a cold night and I know it is right.

@bunyip said in Back from the silo art trip:

shitting red hot scoria

Can you come over & top up the rocks in my BBQ… wait, maybe that isn’t a good idea. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here are three of the six we visited, is that Gordon Ramsay on the left in the first one???

That is as good as watching paint dry… You could have at least buzzed the pigeons for the hell of it.
The Sheep Hills painting with the bloke who looks like Gordon Ramsay is four indigenous faces, that one is meant to be Wergaia Elder, Uncle Ron Marks.

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Well, it does look like Ramsay…

Maybe Cliff’s got it wrong… maybe the middle one is a young Jamie Oliver!

Would be nice to have a drone!



You can always ask Bunny, I’m sure his wife won’t mind. He might even bring his flying thing too.

Is Jamie Oliver a drone?

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