Netgear Router and Telstra 4GX Modem

Anyone want one? Free. It comes with a Wifi router/cradle as well.

It’s a slightly earlier version than this one.

I’ve finally got Wireless NBN which is better and cheaper than Telstra broadband.


PM me.

Good luck with NBN, we have wireless and is great when working but the number of dropouts is giving me the shits especially with VOIP.


I’m hopeful that it’ll be good. It’s a brand new tower. So hopefully they are getting better at this.

We thought about VOIP but the mobile just works so didn’t see the need. Gave up the fixed line years ago.

I don’t understand why the problems with VOIP. All 4G (and possibly 3G?) voice conversations are data anyway - so mobile calls are VOIP and they don’t drop out…

But with current mobile costs I can’t see the point in any kind of landline (we have VOIP because it comes free with the “naked” DSL, but that will go when the NBN bothers itself to turn up at our place.

mobile in our area is still patchy and on windy days just drops our as bending trees get into line of sight.

@bunyip said in Netgear Router and Telstra 4GX Modem:

on windy days just drops

Have you tried trimming the hair in your ears? Just a thought.


Hey @Outback , this is the router thingy.

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