I'm Back

So who missed me.
Hadn’t been to Singapore for 19 years and thought there would be some changes , but fuck me the whole Island has changed
1 Mass Transit line is now 5
The tourist side has exploded
Sentosa Island , was a war museum , now a universal studio theme park and 4 other theme parks
The hotel Room supplies you with a decent smart phone , with free local and international calls , all the buss , train apps , gps etc to carry with you while in Singapore.

sentosa0_1533267674489_SAM_1786 copy.jpg
is still a fortress, but a different kind0_1533267725039_SAM_1783 copy.jpg
Bugis street isn’t the same 0_1533267796124_20180725_121625 copy.jpg
but still has play areas 0_1533267833516_20180730_111835 copy.jpg
so to some pics ! its a clean city so theres always somewear to shower!!0_1533265700723_20180727_203144_003 copy.jpg
the new gardens are a must see!0_1533265942610_20180729_200227 copy.jpg
Street Satay is still good0_1533267954898_20180727_193736 copy.jpg
still cooked in the traditional way 0_1533267991654_20180727_193757 copy.jpg
some confusing in the mens toilet0_1533265012609_20180731_142936 copy.jpg we went to the tiger balm gardens and saw people climbing among the statues to take pictures and thought … whats the point!![0_1533265074046_20180729_103738 copy.jpg
and finally a couple for termite the whole shop only deals in secon hand rolex watches !0_1533265415489_20180731_131424 copy.jpg [0_1533265124796_20180731_131211 copy.jpg]
only 40k second hand0_1533266038117_20180731_131211 copy.jpg

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Can’t see all the pics.


Who are you?

The pics were on FB. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

some night pics 0_1533266554543_20180729_194607 copy.jpg
more 0_1533266590605_20180727_204130 copy.jpg
It is a beautiful city at night0_1533266662103_20180727_202041 copy.jpg

That platinum Rolex Daytona is a little under half the new price, and scarce as the proverbial rocking horse crap.


Some good photos there.

Pity you only had crap beer.

@dog said in I'm Back:

Pity you only had crap beer.
But we made up for it in quantity

Most of the pics were with a samsung 8 phone camera.

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