Kamado Joe Jr

Just bought a Kamado Joe Jr , Mainly because we have done an outdoor kitchen and was looking for charcoal cooker and the Kamado looked like the one.

So are there any tips or tricks you blokes have come up with.

@tolovar said in Kamado Joe Jr:

So are there any tips or tricks you blokes have come up with.

Yup… you can never have too much bacon.

Isn’t that the metal one?


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My advice is just cook with it. Often.


Do you ever cook with wood rather than charcoal. What is the best chips for smoke flavor and how much do you use.
I have to make a higher stand for it , the Pizza oven and the paella cooker yet .

If your using charcoal do you fire it up before putting in the kamado , or do you light it in the kamado .

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I’ve never used wood. Only large lump charcoal. You’ll get a longer burn with that than with the small lump stuff. Don’t use the manufactured stuff either.

Won’t need a separate pizza oven. The Kamado does excellent pizzas. You just need to have the heat deflectors and above that a Pizza stone.

You can even do paella on one.

As far as smoking wood, try them all. Apple wood is great for pork. I just use 3 or for chunks and soak them for a while beforehand. Just slows the burn.


Youtube is a great resource for all things Kamado.


Thanks chris

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