Compost tumbler

Get the missus to do it.

thank gawd, I got intelligent answers…just what I was expecting. This place never ceases to amaze me.

0_1534304873310_compost.jpg this is my one slightly different to one above

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Take it off the frame, position it at the top of a slope (Cliff has one if you don’t) and let it go. It’ll turn real easy.

Send it to me… I’ll turn it for you but you’ll have to come & get it from the bottom of the gully. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll try to miss the water.

Cliff won’t push it down the hill, he’ll just mount it on the ride-on mower.

A bit of grease on your so called bearing points would help, rust was never a very good lubricant.


Once you work it out, can you come by and turn mine?

I’m sure our daughter’s had a wheel/handle grafted to the sides? (like a wheelchair hand wheel for want of a better word), and my oldies had one with a crossed handle through the axle - maybe the old man did it - put an axle and handle through the centre?

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Throw in a cat and a rat (or a small dog) and let them turn it for you. perpetual motion.

Actually, you could just pop in a couple of guinea pigs…

jeez Cliff…I didnt even think of youtube, thanks for those leads…

Back your motorbike up to it and put it up on the centrestand before firing it up and running the back wheel up against it in 1st gear. Don’t have a moto? - Perfect excuse to buy one.


Like this? (Gidday Mick!)

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