Bluebird K7

Donald Campbells K7 Bluebird has been rebuilt and out on the water recently

she is only a small(ish) boat Length inc. rudder 8.05,M, Width inc. sponsons 3.20M, Width of main hull 1.58M, Height inc. tail fin & rudder 2.45M, Sponson length 3.90M, All-up Weight: 2,637Kilo.
brings back many memories…


I’ve been to Conniston lake and I’ve seen the wreckage (the bits they have in the museum)

My DC memory is of his land speed record Bluebird which he achieved at lake Ayre. The car was on display in a Sydney department store in 1964 when I was nearly 10.

I had his autograph on a photo of him with the bluebird (ca’t remember which one) when I was a kid, he was a hero in our eyes, no idea what happened to it but he always did them for kids when he was on one of his visits.
Didn’t they find his remains recently?

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@bunyip somewhere I read yesterday that he had asked that if he died on the water, he wanted to stay with the boat, the boat and his body were recovered by those who thought they knew best. His wife did not attend the funeral and he is buried in the local cemetery

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