So, Mrs Mick has asked me to tap into the wisdom of the Blokey Shed. Her class plus one other (grade 2) want to write to students in a drought affected area, preferably in Qld. Anyone here have any contacts? Alternatively I could find out which areas are worst hit and write directly to a school in the area.


My relos aren’t too bad, they are finding it a bit hard to recover, they got rain but it was too late, most of the stock was gone (dead or sold) by then & now there is a shortage so prices for good stock are high.
Poor stock is usually too buggered to move.
They need a couple more seasons for the land to recover.

The ones that are copping it the worst are further south, I don’t know any in particular.

Things down around Broken Hill are crook, we had more rain in one shower than they have had all year.

Despite the rain we have had it is still dry, I went to dig out a tree stump in the middle of a paddock and about 2" down it was bone dry, the rain is just running off and not soaking in.
We had no hay this year and finding good hay is both hard and expensive.
It is almost cheaper to hard feed stock than give them hay.
Despite that rural land prices are rising, we are looking at selling and prices (here) are about 10% up on January.

Pretty well anywhere in NSW west of the Great Dividing range and north of Yass has been pretty hard hit.

Even if they get good rain tomorrow(they won’t) it will be a few years before those who survive recover.

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