Guzman Y Gomez

Anyone tried them?
Was going to have a llook later today but would like to know if it is palatable or not.

Nope. Seen them in the food halls but never tried them. Let us know how you go.

OK, going away later today and need a quick feed, just hope it is not like McVomit or KFC, some places are OK like Subway and a few smaller franchises, I just hate greasy sugary shit.

We went to one once with a Nephew, bit ordinary, wouldn’t go back in a hurry.

If there is a Grilled, go there instead.


They are ok. I don’t think that any of the Mex fast food places are much chop.

I end up getting dragged to one a couple of times a year. Never in a rush to go back. Much, much, much better than Macca etc. which are only a small step up from dog turds,

@dog said in Guzman Y Gomez:

only a small step up from dog turds,

I hope you didn’t. :open_mouth:

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