Korg CA2 Tuner

Just bought one on Ebay for $24 including postage, very nearly bought a CA1 which are being runout as low as $12 until I discovered they are only for a standard guitar tuning and A430-450.
I have been known to drop the 6th and also getting another lute soon so I need a full chromatic and the ‘normal’ reference is A415.
Bellfield music on Ebay are offering these if anyone is interested.
You listening Cliff?

what the fuck are you yapping about?

An instrument tuner, standard modern tuning is A=440 Hertz, older instruments were 430 or lower as vocalists could not reach the higher notes, guitar tuners are generally preset for the standard six notes on open strings, full chromatic covers all notes from A to G which makes this a very versatile tuner and can be set to whatever frequency you like.

I gave a bloke a tune up many years ago but I just used a length of 3 x 2. He let out a few high notes but I don’t know what letter they were.

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On the letters Bach had been known to use A to H with H being A one octave higher, some of his music incorporates B A C H in the score.

@bunyip said in Korg CA2 Tuner:

You listening Cliff?

I got one of these.

I have some cheap Chinese ones that you can adjust the reference up or down 10 hertz, they are a fjook’n pain in the arse 'cos the way you change it is by a single quick push of the power button, this means that when a numpty borrows the tuner, you have to press the button 20 times to get it back to the right tuning. :unamused:

Polyphonic tuning could be interesting with 15 strings plus nowhere to attach it (and lutes are notorious for drifting out of tune and you don’t know which string it is).

It works as a Monophonic as well, just dead easy to turn it on, strum the guitar & see instantly which sting(s) need attention, as soon a you pluck the out of tune string it switches to mono

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