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We have a mens shed that operates two days a week from 9.00-12.00 so I decided to have a look and see if it was worthwhile as I thought I may try to improve my welding skills.
Jesus, what a joke, one bloke could weld but didn’t want to be sued (???) and the rest just sat around drinking shit coffee and staring blankly at the wall in front of them.
They have woodworking tools, well, a crappy rechargeable drill, a nondescript lathe with no chuck and a few screw drivers.
Blank looks continued and I desperately looked for a little spark of enthusiasm that I may be able to fire up but to no avail.
After 30 agonising minutes I left, they just struck me as a bunch of old bastards waiting to die and needed a venue to do it.
I’m sure they are not all like this but this one was certainly not for me.

I have one nearby, stuck my head in to see what it was like & was shown around. They had a heap of good gear & plenty of blokes using it, but safety seemed to be the last thing on anyone’s mind. One old bloke was in serious danger of taking a couple of fingers off on a table saw (well, he would have been if it hadn’t been a Sawstop), and no one tried to stop him. When I did,(remember, I’m just a visitor there) he just said “It’ll be OK.” and carried on. Saw lots of other examples, so decided that I could get by without them.

I’ve been to a couple, both times they tried to nail me down to run computer courses, fjook that, I could do that at work & get paid for it if I could be bothered.

My uncle is in one out west, he is the only member who does anything, the rest just want to sit around & watch & drink sheyet coffee.

@shy-ted said in Mens Shed:
he just said “It’ll be OK.” and carried on.
Been doin it all me life sonny…
When I started working in the prison system we had a out of work actress working as a prison officer, she had the opinion that she was famous and every bloke was after her.
I was following behind her one day on my way to somewhere and noticed her shoelace was undone so I got her attention and pointed it out to her, thinking it was some sort of pick up line she sneered at me and said ‘I don’t think so sonny’ a microsecond before she went flat on her face.
Pious bitch, I can’t even remember who she was but she was in some crappy local Daze of our Lives type soapy.

@bunyip said in Mens Shed:

one bloke could weld but didn’t want to be sued

Do you have a TAFE that runs Adult Ed courses near you?

I did Mig/Tig at an Adult Ed (night course) at TAFE in Cairns, it was a 200K round trip each week but it was worth it.

I’m in a mens shed , and the joint is almost as good as here to talk about stuff , health and problems etc.
we have a great core of blokes, ( about 25 ). have had our premises ripped out from under us twice , no fault of our own , yet still all together.
We are at present fitting out another joint which we have on a lease at &400 a week.
The shed made about 35k last year with 20+K of that coming from 2 yearly jobs , and have ongoing projects all the time, latest is the local council want’s several hundred ‘BEE HOTELS’ . There is never any pressure to do anything but always a more than willing group willing to dig in.
The amount of good quality gear that gets donated is astounding.
In fact dropping over there now , have just put together a Proposal for the new office equipment we need , ( Gov will go to 5K as a grant ) .
Have a good day Blokes and BTW …ruok ?

there are some good ones, lucky you.

check veteran affairs for a grant, they used to do one if you had vets, can’t remember how much but we got one for our pony club years ago.

We have a Shed here. It’s on my to do list to visit it.

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