Got back yesterday after a few days at Torquay, pleasant enough town but a few surprises.
We stayed at Wyndham Resort which is quite nice with secure underground parking so you don’t get wet while getting from the car to your room, modern and well equipped although we got lost in the king size bed.
Rosemary went for a massage while I went for a look around.
Day one we went to the Torquay Hotel for dinner, very bland and dissapointing, didn’t feel like much and was rewarded accordingly.
After breakfast Wednesday we went to Blackmans Brewery in Bell St, everything is in Bell St as far as food is concerned and they had a nice selection of beers, I opted for a simple salami pizza with their Black Lager, strange brew but pleasant with a bitter sweet finish, the hops were Citri which I had not heard of, after this I had their IPA which was really full bodied and had a long lasting aftertaste which was really quite pleasant, the 6.9% left me a bit light headed too.
Pizza was a sourdour base which was really nice, simple and delicious, not overdone with too much topping.
Will go back there again.
We then went for a drive to Barwon Heads for a sniff around.



Went to the Torquay Bowling Club for dinner, a nice spicy vegetarian dish for moi as I wasn’t too hungry.
Food was good but surrounding were very outdated and not too confortable, had a 150 lashes pale ale which is not too bad for a big brewery offering, not much else on offer by way of beer.
Thursday we went to Oakdene Winery in Wallington, very nice selection of red and white which weighed the car down on the return trip.
Pleasant grounds and the owners wife has a way of turning junk into art, well, some of it, I did like the recycled gums boots and scired a lucky shot of a bird flying through.



After this we were told to go for lunch at the Leopold Sports Club as the food was excellent, it wasn’t.
Didn’t want much so decided to try the Cajun Chicken Burger, bloody hell, it was a focaccia smeared with sweet chili sauce, a lettuce leaf and a slice of tomato topped with a bit of chicken fillet, served with sour cream and chips.
Not the most outstanding meal I have had, well maybe it was but for all the wrong reasons.
That night we went to the resort restaurant, another let down, lovely setting but a medium rare steak needed a chainsaw to cut it and it was an opportunity to offload a pile of squash on a plate, I opted for the chimichuri sauce which was quite brutal (which I like).
The entree was a fusion falafel with oversweet caramalised onion, potato, bab ghanoush (somewhere, buggered if I could find it) on what looked like a pizza base smeared with yoghurt.
Rosemary had a lamb rump with Dukkah which I wished I had gone for.
Dessert was petit fours which we shared and was the highlight of the meal, a Peroni to wash it down and an acceptable shiraz.
Slow drive home on Friday courtesy of the Monash and a nice toasted cheese sanger.

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