Got me a scammer

Phone rings and a very noisy =background that didn’t sound like the usual call centre, a sub continent accent tells me it is Telstra and I have a problem with my computer.
I said I am sitting at my keyboard what do I do so he gives instructions to type in www, etc etc etc followed by some exec/etc etc etc, can’t remember all the details.
I ask him to repeat and say I am going to speaker phone so I can use two hands.
He seems happy with this and relays instructions, I say I have entered all of this he then tells me to hit enter, where is enter, it is on the right of the keyboard, I said there is no enter button so he said is there a return, I said yes and he told me to hit this, I said I did and a bell rang.
Somewhat mystified he asked what my OS was, I said I don’t know what an OS is, he tried to explain and I acted all mystified and confused then asked what brand I was using, I said it was a Remington, now he was confused and asked how old it was, I told him it was at least 50 years old and the best typewriter I had ever owned, he then told me to get fucked and hung up.
This protracted conversation actually went on for about 15 minutes and Gungha Din was getting quite frustrated, I thought my apparent confusion was quite well executed.
Rosemary had some difficulty containing herself during the conversation.
The question is now should I report his rudeness to Telstra?

Very well done. A bloke I sort of know managed to take it one step further. He convinced Gungha Din that he’d done everything as instructed, but nothing was happening, could he send a screenshot…which, of course, was a virusthat locked up Gungha Din’s computer. Gungha most unhappy. Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

@bunyip said in Got me a scammer:

The question is now should I report his rudeness to Telstra?

To do that you needed to get his employee number.

I don’t get why you’d waste 15 minutes of your life indulging in this pissing contest. Why not just hang up the moment you realise it’s a scammer?

I never even answer our landline these days. People I want to talk to know my mobile number.

Sometimes it’s fun, just like a sport.
I’ve been told a couple of times I am going to have my Telstra broadband cancelled.
I either break down crying, insisting I can’t get by without my goat porn, or, agree that they should cancel it immediately because I’m sick of the tiny people using it to watch goat porn.
At least I stick to a common theme.

If i’m using the computer , i will put them on speaker and string them along and when I’m sick of it I tell them they have a very nice voice , and I’m not wearing any underwear , what colour is their underwear. Then the rude bastards hang up

@craig said in Got me a scammer:

I never even answer our landline these days. People I want to talk to know my mobile number.

I canceled our land line at the start of the month, only people who ever used it were scammers, cold call sales, fjook’n phone pols & my Mum.

Mum hates calling mobile phones because it is SO expensive. Tough.

We have a land line because mobile reception is so bloody patchy here.
Our phone plans for mobile and landline include calls to mobiles, $15 a month for our mobiles and $80 month for the landline including unlimited NBN at about 30mbs.
Scammers and telemarketers I usually hang up on but I just felt like playing, as soon as I hear ‘how has your day been’ I just say ‘shitful’ and hang up.
That obsequious line always screams telemarketer.

I have to have a landline for the internet (ADSL2. No NBN here yet :( ) Otherwise I’d cancel it too. I get unlimited calls from my mobile and 1.5Gb of data for $18/month

I still have a landline , but I bought a 'Telstra Guardian ’ Phone , unless the number is entered in the phones call list the person ringing has to say who they are , you listen to their name before answering , can also block phone up to 1000 numbers,
3 handsets a base station with answering machine $70 from Telstra, and we haven’t had a spam call since I got it, still get the odd one on the mobile, but I always block the number when I do

We still have a land line but I’m about to get rid of it. Most of the callers are people who have mis-dialled the number for the WA Dept of Justice. I’m tempted, of course, but I resist the urge. Poor sods are in enough trouble already. They don’t need me taking the piss. We don’t get too many scammers but, if I answer it and there’s a pause before anyone speaks, I hang up. On the odd occasion that it’s not a scammer, they can ring back.

I never answer the mobile unless I recognise the caller. If someone I don’t know genuinely needs to speak to me they can leave a message and I’ll ring them straight back. Scammers and robo-callers who want to sell me something never leave a message.

I find an increasing number of people prefer to send a text. That suits me - especially if it’s simply a message: “We delivering something” or “I’m confirming your appointment” etc.

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Works for me. That, and being out of the country when they call.

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