Lost my capo and just ordered another (which most likely I will put next to the lost one when I have finished with it) and found this one

Anyone tried one, I mess around with tunings and have tried different barre techniques but this could make life a little easier if it works, for $8 I will see what happens.

…and there was me looking at the title of your post and thinking “Bloody hell, they’ve made Iain boss of the local mafia branch”.

I have tried those and similar but find that they are not quite wide enough as the classical has a wider neck than most acoustics, the one I usually use is a stainless bar with a webbing strap.
Also your link has some extra crap at the front.

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Similar, this is what I use…

Often on the 3rd but have done 5th which brings it up to a vihuella pitch… almost.

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