Buying a new car?

A list of what to avoid and why.
I love the no bullshit approach but no dildo today
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Pretty much agrees with what I’ve observed, but how could he dump Great Wall & Peugot?:grin:

Interesting that some of those on the ‘go for’ list had pretty poor reputations only a few years ago. (Kia, Hyundai, even Subaru back in the '80s.)

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Even Honda are lacking today, caught asleep at the wheel and fell behind.
I remember back in the early 70’s Mazda were an absolute bomb, poorly made and unreliable.

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even Subaru back in the '80s

but of course that was 30 years ago…

and yes I am buying a new car and yes I am saving thousands off the retail price.

So far so good, price is a little better than 10% below full freight, without having to put up with all the usual crap. Got the price while in Belgium, ordered it while in the UK, will confirm in the US and pay for it from Canada, hopefully to have it delivered the afternoon we arrive home.

Will keep you posted, but it seems to be working.

Oh… Subaru XV with all the bells and whistles.

Get one with Balls & a Whizzer.

Do the cars purchased in Europe conform to ADR’s and is the suspension the same.
I thought most cars were fine tuned for their export destination.

I think he has actually ordered it from an Oz dealer (not a European one).

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I think he has actually ordered it from an Oz dealer (not a European one).

Give that man the prize!

Despite rumours to the contrary - some cars are actually cheaper in Aus these days even without the need to modify for ADR’s.


Dent bought a new LDV T60

It’s excellent

2.8 common rail turbo diesel

All the fruit.

It’s got 6500km on it now and its faultless

A bit big. 5365mm long

It’s well refined for a Chinese Ute. Volkswagen and GM have a big stake in SAIC motors

For 30 skins drive away…it’s nearly half the price of its rivals. I got the ABN discount and it’s the “poverty pack”

Leaf rear and no folding mirrors but it’s a great Ute and the 4x4 system works well

The power is only 109kw. That’s able to be chipped up but with the 6 speed manual it’s got long and very economic legs

Yeah, Dent, but is it as good as a Great Wall. That’s the standard by which all vehicles must be judged.

What is the motor a copy of?
Jap or Korean?

So the AutoExpert came through for me (or the company he fronts for did).

The exercise was painless with only the slightest whiff of Parramatta Rd (or perhaps that was my imagination.) Sadly there has to be a dealer involved at some point, and the “customer service” person was somewhat distracted by her pregnancy apparently, so we had slightly less correspondence than would be desirable.

This was followed through by the broker with some vigour, and I now have the dealer group fleet manager’s private number in my contacts.

I’d recommend the process to anyone - if the price wasn’t better than I’d screw myself it was worth the tiny difference not to have to deal with it all.

And the car? The XV is reputed to be too slow - think of faster than a Torana GTR XU1 and you’ll put a perspective on what slow is these days. It’s got CVT which is an acquired taste, but once acquired will be very hard to go back to anything else.

AND THE TECH! Wow, is all I can say. That and thank goodness for the five year warranty!


It’s not a Great Wall

I know you’re taking the piss so I won’t bite

As I wrote it’s a ground up new car

No shitty bits from here and there

It’s fucking superb

The engine is a “V Mottori”

Same as found in the Colorado and some Jeeps. Apparently

2.8 CRD

Anyone looking for a new diesel 4WD Ute needs to drive one of these

I can’t fault it. . Similar utes are nearly twice the price

6600 klicks and no worries at all

Personally I don’t think you should listen too much to that bozo John Cardogan… he’s a salesman after all.
Although I agree with a lot of the shit he sings about … I just don’t agree with his conclusions.

  • I don’t think depreciation of a car matters too much …they all fall in price …they are not an investment after all.
  • The cost of servicing … get it done by your local garage ---- get on first name basis with them when you find a good one.
  • You can’t judge every car on a brand name - all car makers have good and bad models. (OK some brands are shit).
  • Its OK to have ethical reasons not to buy brands - VW are fucking criminal … but Audi’s make some great cars and all Multinational corporations will fuck you or the planet if they can get away with it

I reckon the most important thing when choosing a car is …if you enjoy driving it or not and if you want to spend that much on it.

Last year I posted asking for advise on what car to buy and I remember saying I wouldn’t buy holden because they were pulling out of Oz. …I ended up buying a Calais series 2 VF Sports wagon. Best car I’ve ever owned. I bought it because wherever I travelled I would end up renting one - they are the stable of most rental companies, which tells me they are good value and reliable. And its a dream to drive.
Mine is now 18 mths old, 300K and not one issue. Got it serviced last week - cost $460 … maybe Mr Cardogan doesn’t like holden because he is a disgruntled ex employee.

And why does he bag Volvo’s …everyone I know who drives them like them??? a bit boring maybe…but solid and reliable.

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I would add one point to BT’s suggestion re local garage.

Drop a slab of beer in at xmas every year.

I get a fully fuelled loan car twice to three times a year, priority queue jumping if needed, as much free advice and help as needed, and have had a mech sent to home to get the bosses car going right on school drop off time, no charge.

Will be dropping off this years tomorrow.

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