While on the subject

What are the odds on the Libs holding Wentworth.

A series of own goals has made the likelihood of the Libs losing the seat it has never lost and holds by a margin of 18%.

Wentworth byelection turns more on karma than Sharma

Smoke and mirrors the 13+ % Jewish population will get Dave Sharma over the line as most of the independent preferences go to the Libs as well

As before I have $1 cash money to wager , any takers?


Yes, but Kerryn Phelps is Jewish too.

I’ll see your $1 and raise you a week naked with Zed.

No way, i’d rather give 2 : 1 odds than have to collect on that


Antony Green has called it. Phelps wins Wentworth.

Since you wanted 2:1 does that mean you get 2 weeks naked with Zed?

Henceforth it shall be that constantly white anting your leader will be known as doing an Abbott, and bailing out and leaving your mates in the lurch will be known as doing a Turnbull.
Now all we have to do is get rid of fucking Abbott.


I don’t think Turnbull thinks of them as mates anymore

Two weeks naked with Zed, shit thats worse than Having Turnbull back

No you get $2 at our next meeting.

@termite said in While on the subject:

Now all we have to do is get rid of fucking Abbott.

And his idiot mate, Mr. Potato Head.

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