Cancer is a fucker

Those on Facebook will know that my girl Violet has a brain tumour.

I came home from work about 4 weeks ago and realised that something was wrong. She wasn’t behaving normally. Took her to the vet and he discovered she had a irregular heartbeat.

I booked Vi in with a cardiologist and we did a few tests. Her heart was normal and the cause was likely to be neurological. I booked her in for an MRI but decided against it. Violet is almost 10, so I’m not going to subject her to massive surgery.

In the mean time Violet is getting worse. Very unsettled, confused, wandering etc. I came very close to calling time but took her to the vet who recommended a cortisone treatment.

My what a difference it made. She it back to normal. Enjoying her life, being a dog.

Sadly, this is only temporary.


I saw the clip on Farcebook and couldn’t believe her activity, I assumed it was an old clip not a current one. Great if she is getting quality of life as it appears she is.


The video was from the other day. Chalk and cheese difference from pre and post cortisone.


Violet was laid to rest yesterday. :(

fuck what a shitty way to end the year. condolances mate

I’m not allowed to say fuck on facebook, I can here.

@dog :( fuckity

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