Nylon Strings?

What do you recommend?

I haven’t owned a nylon string guitar for 42 years.

I use La Bella gold with the wound 3rd, gold plated and polished so you don’t get the buzz when sliding, Daddario is popular but I find them a bit harsh.
The 3rd can be a bit flat and LaBella have overcome this, About $20 or $100 for the concert set.
The two nylon trebles are yellow.


I think I used to use La Bella last century.

OK, where do you find the sets with the wound G?

I can find the 850 & 900 sets with Gold alloy wound string & either black or gold nylon but none have a wound G…

Mine are the LaBella Gold 900, bought a heap of them a few years ago but don’t recall where from, will have a sniff around.

Found these on the LaBella website, seems the numbers have changed a bit, I used to buy the 3rd by itself then it came in the set and now it looks like it is separate again.
I believe the black and gold sound the same but I have always found the black to be distracting, don’t know why.

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I remember reading a book called ‘A Life on the Road’ by Julian Bream and it was he who talked about the 3rd being ‘tubby’, I had the same problem and thought it was just me and I went looking for the wound third that he described but no name.
That was back in about 1982, I found them after some searching and found that not only did they sound better but the gold plated strings lasted longer, I could get a month out of golds but only a week if I was lucky out of nickels as they just corroded through and broke, I was doing my AMEB exams at the time and was playing 8-12 hours a day.
Another one I found was Savarez, my Maton came with them but I never liked them and found the tension too high and hard on the fingers but I know they are popular too.

There is a set called 850W but I can’t find any in stock online.

I’ve made a couple of calls and will get an answer tomorrow.

Tried 2 music shops in Cairns today, no La Bella, they did have Savarez but not with a wound G.
I’ll hit the internet again tomorrow.

Got a call from my guitar bloke today, LaBella don’t have any wounf G sets in Aus and if they order they wont be here until about March, shit…
I am on my last set so may start looking elsewhere, he suggested stringsonline a US website, I haven’t looked but maybe worthwhile, in the meantime do you remember how to tie strings onto the bridge…
I push the loose ends under the loops in the adjoining terminations as loose strings will buzz on the soundboard which is bloody annoying.

I can’t find them in stock anywhere.
Even the individual wound G aren’t in stock.

One forum I read a bloke who used the get the 900W set has gone back to the 900 set as they are easier to get.

These are lighter but the freight is a killer.

Getting a set of Daddario composites, the G is different from the others and they are silver plated, about $40 a set, will see how they go.
I think the G is multi strand with a wound cover, will see later this week if they are in on time.

I got this from another forum from a classical player.

I’ve been using D’Addario EJ 45 in normal tension for a decade or so.

Been pretty good - the high tension version can be tricky on some guitars - bridge starts lifting etc - can be louder and some people like the stiffness

As somebody else said, the Augustines are good too.

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I think you two blokes are just stringing us along.

You only came in here looking for nylon.

Now his G string is too tight and can impact on the nuts although I only have one.

Having never used a plectrum are they abrasive and will they shorten the life of a nylon string?

@bunyip said in Nylon Strings?:

Having never used a plectrum are they abrasive and will they shorten the life of a nylon string?

I’m not sure but you will definitely have the union on your back.

@bunyip said in Nylon Strings?:

Having never used a plectrum are they abrasive and will they shorten the life of a nylon string?

Most are made out of similar stuff, the sting tends to lose its tone before it wears out.

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