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While installing a gate in my fencing I stupidly managed to blow up my Hitachi cordless drill.

So I was in urgent need of a new one and it was Saturday afternoon. Bunnings was the only option.

Most of the tools they have are ordinary but they did have some AEG tools there.

The cordless drill they had looked like quality. Solid metal chuck etc.

They had a special on there if I parted with $639 I’d get a drill and an electric driver. AEG would send me a cordless angle grinder. Link. Works out at just over $200 a tool.

I love the new drill. Much more oomph than my old Hitachi. And the driver works a treat as does the angle grinder.

It made me sort of wish I ponied up for the $1500 dollar deal and got 10 tools plus a few other goodies. Link0_1540195367235_tool porn 1.png

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Seriously, the 3 you got are the ones you’ll use the most.
Save yer money for batteries, I have 2 & I could use 3 (or 4).
The angle grinder is very handy but can flatten batteries about 3 times faster than you can charge them.

I have one of those $1000 Mak kits from a few years ago & the rotary hammer drill is useful but eats batteries, I’ve also found the little circular saw handy for sheet material.

I have a very nice little corded Circ Saw that I use more 'cos it has more grunt & is more accurate.
I also have one of those ‘never-say-die’ Ozito corded rotary hammer drills that has WAY more balls.

I looked at those then went with the Milwaukee 18v Fuel, they cost more and are pretty much unstoppable, hanging gaates I can push multiple 18mm holes through 8 inch posts without it missing a beat.
The Fuel series are the brushless motors, I have the drill (hammer and drill) impact driver, sabre saw, circular saw and angle grinder and they cost about $1400.

@cliff-rogers said in Tool Deals:

I also have one of those ‘never-say-die’ Ozito corded rotary hammer drills

Mine said die :(

They still have them, price has gone up $40 over the last 12 years.

I don’t really need one ATM. I guess if a job arises when one is required I’ll grab one then.

I borrowed a full size Hilti earlier this year to break up some concrete. Now those things REALLY have some grunt. Wouldn’t want to run one all day, you’d be absolutely knackered!

@craig said in Tool Deals:

Wouldn’t want to run one all day, you’d be absolutely knackered!

You’d be knackered if you bought one & didn’t make it pay for itself too. :wink:

my one grizzle with milwaukee is that they don't make a sander for the 18v.

How the hell did that happen?


@bunyip said in Tool Deals:

How the hell did that happen?

You put 4 spaces before your words and it thinks you are a programmer and talk in code.

There is a God.

Not sure why it changed it. Fucking computers.

Just got called out to one of my jobs to undo all the good work we did of cladding a wall … long story …
To do the job I needed a circular saw which I didn’t have with me so I bought an AEG like the one in Dogs photo except corded.
What a piece of crap. The forward hand grip is a knob that when you hold it you cant reach the Guard retractor with your thumb …Its either a new safety feature or a design fuckup. Also the plate height adjuster lever is on the other side of the saw to the blade so if you’re visually adjusting the plate you have to stop and look for the lever and in the meantime the plate has moved. Brilliant!
The only other bit of AEG kit I have had was an impact driver …that was shit as well.

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