Interest free???

Went out and bought a new BBQ for the caravan yesterday aand was told about the 50 months interest free, wasn’t interested but decided to have a look anyway when I got home.
To qualify you have a minimum spend of $1000 and you get a brand new credit card on the spot, you make regular ‘interest free’ deposits to this card and god help you if you are late as this will attract a fee, on top of this you are charged $99pa for the priveledge of having this interest free advantage.
So I can pay almost 40% OVER AND ABOVE THE PURCHASE PRICE TO SAVE MONEY, I think I may have missed something somewhere and disadvantaged myself by paying cash.

Yup, good aren’t they, I can’t mention the name in open forum but there is one I know of that offers 6 months interest free… only costs $25 to set it up. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, I know a bloke who works for s company which does that.

Most interest free deals are not fee free. Some are as little as $10.00 per month (the fee I mean)… but there’s no interest. I bought a toilet suite once for around $400. The major computer and other things selling company had the same one for the same (very good) price. It’s interest free deal took the total price to $650 (over two years)…

Things certainly have changed since I purchased anything “interest free”.

In the 90’s the interest free deals were actually pretty good, as long as you payed them off before the interest free period expired. They were no fee, and had no early payout fee.

The wife and I used them a few times to buy some bigger items, but always payed them off well within the interest free period … we are probably part of the reason things have now changed :)

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The solution to the problem is that everyone should give me $95 every time you buy something over $500 and pay cash for said item.

This is the saves you paying the inflated prices for interest free purchases while still having that ripped off feeling.

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