I got home this morning and my dog is laying on my porch covered in dirt and mud and has a rabbit in his mouth.
He’s not bloody, just dirty.
Now, my neighbors raised these rabbits for 4 years and have blue ribbon winners.
I instantly knew it was one of theirs.
So I got the rabbit away from my dog, I took it inside, wash all the dirt off and before my neighbors got home I took it over, put him back in the cage and went back home.
Not 30 minutes later I hear my neighbors screaming, so I go out and ask them what’s wrong?
They tell me their rabbit died three days ago and they buried it but now it’s back in the cage.


@wongo said in Pets.:

Was it rabbit called Jesus?

Christ! That’s a bad joke.

What a hare raising tail, lettuce pray it doesn’t happen again.

There’s a good stew wasted.

Must have used hare restorer.

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