69 years old?

HB ya old fart.

I thought it was going to slide by unnoticed, don’t worry, I’ll wait for you…

HB Iain, and here’s to many more.


Fuck. Another birthday.

Everyone stop it. Making me feel old.

69 and still can’t spell ya name. There’s only one “I” in Ain!
Happy Birfdy old bloke

No, there are 2, everyone else is wrong.
My birth certificate only has one and the old man refused to pay the sixpence (could have been threepence) to get it fixed as he said it was not his error.
I got my first licence in WA and was told there was no such spelling so my licence suffered the same fate.
The yanks take the firts I as an L so I get called Lain.
Maybe I should change my user name to Bunyiip!!

Là breith sona dhuit Iian

@tolovar said in 69 years old?:

Là breith sona dhuit Iian

MUM!!! He just swore at me!!! I think

A Dhia! Nach ann oirre a tha 'n tòn chruinn alainn

@bunyip said in 69 years old?:

A Dhia! Nach ann oirre a tha 'n tòn chruinn alainn

I never knew you felt that way

I wouldn’t mind feeling it…

My birth certificate has the incorrect spelling of my surname - it has a “y” in it, instead of the correct ‘ij’.
When I first got my drivers licence it had the Y, and when I went to renew it the first time I simply told the girl serving me that they entered it incorrectly … and she just fixed it on the spot. :)

I’ve managed to get everything else done with IJ (including a passport) as no-one looks too carefully at the spelling because it’s a long and weird looking clog wog surname.


ijoker, try to keep up Buni.

Yeah the “i” is silent :)

So is the “c”. Ask Darren.

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