Bad News Unfortunately re Lig

A very dryly funny man, who gave a lot to society and to those who needed help.

I’m glad that he was able to see that his old home in the UK was still in good condition, but sad that his old pub was closed.

Vale Jim.


I never met him in person but talked a few times on the phone.

I bought a 4 pack of Elvis Juice IPA. I’ll drink a few tonight.

Man… thats sad. I liked Jim. He lent me some of his tools. I even gave them back. I’ll have a few drinks for him tonight.

I’m a bit sad now.

Thats sad, he was one of the first, and one of the most generous to put his hand in his pocket every year to support my Movember effort.

Never met him, never spoke to him, only ever communicated thru the wonders of a machine that he hated.

The world is now a poorer place without his huge heart beating.

Get fucked Liggy, RIP mate.

That’s well fucked.
Like others my only interactions were through the shed, a bloke I liked with his genuineness, and straight forward manner.

Sorry to hear this. I never knew he was ill
Where is this fire shed and who’s going?

Martins Creek fire shed , which Lig helped save, is about 20 k north of Maitland and i’m going at this stage

Planning to go - anyone from NW Sydney need a lift? Bodgy? Horse? Wongo?

Saddened by the news. My first Shed loss I think. RIP.

I’d like to go but my wife is O/S for work so I cant make it. please tell the casket to get fucked for me.

Ran into Penny ( Lig’s Daughter ) tonight at the local shops ,
1 There is no casket just a few beers, well beers till they run out
2 She has ordered 100 “T” shirts with suitable insults from Lig’s favorite outlet, as yet not arrived so If anyones going could you wear your most insulting “T” shirt .

Physio has prohibited me fromtraveling but would love a T shirt from the bastard I admired if it can be done, don’t care if it fits or not.
Can someone have my beer for me and I will raise a glass here on everyones behalf.
On a lighter side, if there is a god or heaven Lig is going to be rightly pissed off.

your about the only member his shirts would fit.

Rubbish, I’d fit into one of his shirts…

several times…:)
Won’t be able to make it, but there’s a good natured insult to take to the wake.


Well thanks to a generous offer from Alex I’ll be going too, I can’t drive in anything but daylight now.
Do the rest of you poor bastards realise that the loss of Liggy means that I’m now the oldest bastard here?

I’m pretty sure I can’t fill one of Jim’s shirts, and I’m bloody sure I can’t fill his shoes, not many people could.

@Termite said in Bad News Unfortunately re Lig:

Do the rest of you poor bastards realise that the loss of Liggy means that I’m now the ONLY bastard here?


Thank you MB, you’ve obviously seen my birth certificate with the blank space in the appropriate spot.
I am one by legal definition, unlike others who have earned their status. :)

Some are born bastards, some achieve bastardhood and others have bastardry thrust upon them.

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