Hobby Farm odds and sods

Found this bloke on Youtube, Unemployed Redneck Hillbilly Creations, a bit of shit but some bloody good ideas and for an unemployed redneck he doesn’t seem too hard up with the gear he’s got.

I shall forego the snowblower but I do like his log lifter and also like the trencher which you can buy here for about $2800 plus freight, I have some trenching to do and wouldn’t mind one but would put in a Honda engine, I find the Chinese 4 strokes work OK for a short while then won’t start or take forever to get going.

Question for Dog, what is a root cellar?
Weird these yanks.

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@bunyip said in Hobby Farm odds and sods:

what is a root cellar?

It’s where you take your girlfriend when you want more than a beer.

You used to see plenty of root cellars standing on corners in Kings Cross. Not sure if that’s how the spelled it though.

I hesitate to ask about snow blowers…

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