Bit too close for comfort, about 10km from Bunyip State Forest with the wind blowing thw wrong way, embers can travel that distance.
CFA convoys cruising down the highways from all over the state to take over from those who are badly in need of a break, Princes Freeway closed down between two towns.
Smoke is really thick and despite being inside I am coughing like buggery so might head off somewhere for the day so I can breath again.
CFA, hundreds of volunteers who ask nothing in return, rattle their tins at intersections a few times a year, think I may chuck in a couple of hundred this year instead of the loose change that is all they ever ask for.

Our local Fire Brigade is a volunteer one, and every Xmas they have Santa on the back of one of the vehicles doing the streets and giving lollies out to the kids. They go slowly and other fire blokes do the footpath with buckets, they do pretty well up here as they are very much appreciated, particularly when you’ve been there done that.

They do thst here too, I forgot about that, they used to come to the pony club too when we attended.
I spent some time at fires when I was with the CFL but they lit more than they put out and the CFA often had to go and sort out the mess the ‘professionals’ made.
Bring Mick down, he’ll sort it (if that sounded like a smart arse comment it wasn’t, I have an idea of what he does).
As for the CFA, may dog bless their little cotton socks for I fear we would be stuffed without this group of ‘amateurs’ fixing the problem.

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