Glad I wasn't parked on the side of the road

It happened again a few km up the road

What causes a brake lockup like that?
Is it a “normal” occurrence with trucks? … the reason I ask is that I drive a lot of country roads and highways and you see heaps of skid marks on roads that match that sort of thing.

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No idea, we weren’t travelling that fast and it certainly wasn’t an emergency braking situation, the camera angle is very wide and we were closer than the video appears and I had no trouble stopping without excessive braking.
No load on the trailer but running off to the side is a worry as you often see people stopped there taking pics albeit a silly place to stop.

Theres been a few in NSW , they bought in a new law that you have to slow to 40 k if passing a vehicle police or ambulance that is on the side of the road with their red and blue flashers going. problem is in a 110 k zone cars are breaking because they see the lights and break and the truck etc only sees them a second later and the car is trying to get to 40 k and the truck at 110 k cannot stop as quick , stupid law and should be scrapper in its present form

We have had that for a couple of years now, it was introduced, scrapped then introduced again just to add to the confusion.
I worry about what is behind me when slowing down as a lot of drivers seem oblivious to it.

@tolovar said in Glad I wasn't parked on the side of the road:

stupid law and should be scrapper in its present form

Exactly what the police are saying…for the same reason.

No load lockup.

Looks like the tanker in front had to jump on the brakes & pull over, maybe reacting to something happening in the oncoming traffic.

Old mate in empty was dreaming.

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