I had a look at this and decided that it could be a useful tool allowing me to spend and hang on to my interest bearing accounts, no fees, no interest and all looks good unless of course you don’t pay, not a rip off like pay day loans with lots of little hidden fees that you can’t afford.
Anyway I make an application and I am approved, I get a glitzy email announcing that all is well and get a spending limit of $500.
Big fucking deal, I can drop that on lunch for the family and friends, what the hell am I going to do with $500, I thought about $2k would be a more useful figure after all if I want something for $1k I just go and buy it and explain to SWMBO later.
Bloody hell, $500, hardly worth the stuffing around.

they saw you coming and thought fuck this, we have to approve him but lets tie his nuts down.

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