Range hoods

Talking to brother last night, he has bought an old house in Hobart and is renovating, he told me he pulled the flexible flue out of the 40 year old range hood and as he undid it it crashed to the ground, it is about 6" diameter and he said the inside was just over 1" the rest being 40 years of fat and other crud.
He has decided to replace the flue rather than cleaning it.

Tell him to take it to the recyclers, they’d turn it into bio-fuel.

I was employed for 12 hours with an outfit that did the fast food commercials ones. Donned overalls & headgear, crawled into this fuckin shute scrapped off the shit or grease couldnt tell the difference.
Fuck I was desperate for work but not that desperate.

Crappiest job I had was cleaning in an abattoir, high pressure hoses that were bloody hot and nasty chemicals that dissolved lumps of meat in minutes.
I lasted two days and walked away.
Was in the 60s and still remember it.

@bunyip said in Range hoods:

I lasted two days and walked away.

No staying power.:grin:

Was in my mid teens and wouldn’t wish that job on anyone, well, I could make a few exceptions (no one here).
I have had some shitty jobs but that one sticks out.
Funnily enough I have found that most people don’t like public speaking but I quite enjoy it and court appearances could be interesting.

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